10 Tips to Help You Build a Great Website Strategy

Website Strategywebsite strategy or plan is important for any website that wants to prepare for a successful outing in the near future.  Every website must have its own unique strategy for building leads,  sales,  marketing,  traffic etc.

It’s almost impossible to beat your competitors in the digital marketing space without a proper website. The competition online now has become very intense that if you don’t have a proper strategy for overcoming your competitors, you will lose out.

Now, let’s look at some helpful tips that would help you stand out

Tips to Help You Build a Great Website Strategy

  1. It must be mobile responsive and sublime

The best website is a responsive website with a friendly user interface.  These kinds of websites do not harbour pop-ups or ads that will displace their page.  They have a fast loading speed so as not to waste the time of their parents.

If your website is not responsive for any browser on either mobiles or laptops,  then you are in a great deal of trouble. However, a lot of people make use of mobile phones for browsing and you need to make sure that the interface is perfect for them.

  1. Make it easy to find.

There is a reason most successful companies have a simple brand name. Which is to be easy to find.  You can’t search for a domain name that is just as long as a simple sentence on Google.  You can give your website an easy to understand and professional name. It is either the domain name matches your company name or it should contain a keyword of your business for certain reasons.

  1. Make sure your contact information is visible

Every organization’s website has its own contact information -email,  address,  phone number, fax number etc.  You should make this available on your website because people might be forced to talk to you urgently.  Even if you have a contact page,  you are still not guaranteed of getting a direct essayer from there. So, the best thing is to have your contact information legibly placed on the website home page. Do not forget to add links to your social media patches if you would need to have a link at that spot.

  1. Your Motivation Menu Should Be Clear.

When a certain website has a great UI,  it would be very easy to navigate around that website.  You should have a navigation menu at the header and footer section of your website.  The website of most companies always has its navigation at the top right corner of the top pages.  Sometimes, some companies also go for making the header part containing the menu to have a sticky option around the whole page.

Also,  make sure you have a home page under your navigation menu so that your website users can easily come back to the home page when they feel like it. And it also makes things easier for them than always retyping your URL in the search bar in order to return to the home page.

  1. Write pages in simple words and paragraphs

Even difficult for anyone to stay on a cluttered page for long no matter how difficult. Make sure that all your pages are simple enough to read and understand for anyone.  That information that would fill up all the pages on your website should better be removed.

  1. Keep The Website Accurate.

This simply means updating your home page because information changes every time. The way of distributing and assimilation of information differs in several people and that is the reason you need primary and accurate information on your pages. Also, your site pages should be free from grammatical errors, typographical errors or any other error that might form unseriousness in the mind of your users.

  1. Make sure it is fast

Your website load time should be less than 2 seconds if you really expect your users to stay on it.  It should be very fast while loading, so you users won’t be bored waiting for the website to fully load.

In order to improve the loading speed of your website, you need to buy hosting from a reliable company such as Bluehost and Namecheap. These are companies that offer large and with two websites hence very easy to load.

  1. Have A Call To Action

Each page on your website should have a specific call to action telling your users to do something about your service.  Normally the homepage always redirects back to other pages. If it is not like that,  then it will summarize what the roaches comprise and feature a CTA to continue reading about the website service,  call,  email etc.

  1. Have a simple design and layout.

It is necessary for any website to have a very simple,  creative and worthwhile design that users can easily relate to.  Make sure you are making use of legible Typography and not just some “dancing” fonts that your readers might not easily see.  Do not forget to make use of short,  simple, crisp, concise and punchy paragraphs.

Also,  the colours on your website should complement each other perfectly.  Making use of designs that are too complex can make it technical to decide what the colour combination will look like.

Finally,  emojis are not allowed on a professional website.  The reason is that it is not easy for Google bots to index emojis because they are elements of coding.  However,  the GIFs are allowed provided they indicate the feature sod your company.

  1. Be human

Ohh,  you aren’t writing a website for Robots. They are human and you are human. You need to behave like one and put personalization first.  All pages on your website shouldn’t be about your website alone, have a proper conversation. Just write some that will help you connect with your user’s brain.

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