5 best Features of Accounting Software to Look Out For

There is a lot of accounting software to choose from and the most common search query that comes up is “Should I purchase accounting software or inventory software?” This article breaks down the 5 key features of accounting software that are important when purchasing accounting and inventory software. Find out what these key features are and which ones you should look for in your new accounting software. true

Features to Look For in Accounting Software

You should consider looking for accounting software that can do the following:

  1. Allow you to customize your tax return or prepare it with just a few clicks
  2. Provide a way to export your financial data in a variety of ways
  3. Have features that help you track spending and income so that you can budget accordingly
  4. Make sure all of your numbers are accurate
  5. Have features to make it easy for you to access information so that you can make decisions quickly
  6. 6. Allow you to search for transactions and open them up for review7. Have a feature that allows you to do a detailed check on all of your numbers8.
  7. Have features to create reports for all the areas that you need.9. Save time in processing tax returns with comprehensive accounts10. Have an easy way to write the tax return so that you don’t have to spend as much time taking it home11. Answer questions before they even start asking them12. Track spending to make sure that you don’t exceed your budget13.
  8. Save money in processing payroll checks so that you can do it as often as you want to14. Have a feature to see what is outstanding for your clients
  9. 15. Use the same app to calculate tax and withhold16. Create employee folders17. Link Spendee with learning modules18. Integrate Spendee with other apps like Bank of America, Google, Facebook and Twitter19. Create expense reports20. Track transactions
  10. 21. Earn comp points22. Stay up-to-date on spending by following trends and getting alerts about your budget23. Track spending for your business24. Get a dashboard to show you how much is left in your budget25. Earn money from the internet26. Integrate with another accounting app to keep track of expenses in one place27. Set goals28. Connect Spendee to other web services29. Track expenses in real time30. Make it easy to enter transactions
  11. 31. Keep receipts organized32. Reduce fees by putting all your information in one place33. Get access to shareable reports and graphs34. Create notes35. Track expenses with a map36. Set up reminders to set spending limits37. Buy digital goods so you can get discounts on purchases38. Save money by avoiding overcharging39. Send text messages when you bump into a purchase threshold40. Use translation41. Keep track of your phone’s battery life
  12. 42. Quickly calculate the cash value of your items43. Keep track of the cash value of your items44. Use autofill to save yourself time and typing45. Create a shopping list and keep track of your running total46. Upload photos to buy and sell them47. Search for items on eBay48. Search for items in your local area49. See the list of any items you have bought50. Set up alerts for when it’s time to pay51. Add a note about an item52. Keep track of the value of all your digital goods53. Have multiple e-mail addresses so you can keep track of things
  13. 54. Take screenshots and record video messages on your phone55. Print a list of all the things you have bought56. Set up a password to unlock your phone57. Avoid making purchases with just one tap58. Send money using PayPal59. Save and print coupons60. Find other users in your area61. Find items for sale on Facebook62. Use the search function to find similar items63. Pay with PayPal64. Track

Bank Feed key feature

The bank feed is one of the standout features of the software. The bank feed gives the user a real-time view of all their transactions throughout myTAS. The bank feed allows the individual to see how much they have spent, how much they still have to spend, and where their money is going. This feature is especially useful by individuals with addiction problems. The individual can see exactly what they are spending their money on and where, and this can help them to make better decisions in the future.

The last feature worth mentioning here is the ability to import transactions from a bank statement. This feature is extremely useful for many people living paycheck to paycheck. Many users will only have a small portion of their paychecks left each month, making them unable to afford or do anything with it at that point

Types of Accounts

Accounting software is designed to help track income and expenses. It can be used for businesses in multiple industries. Because of the extensive range of uses, it is important to find a software that will meet your business needs. There are five different types of accounts that should be considered when looking at accounting software:
1) General Ledger Accounts: Track transactions in order to keep track of all income and expenses
2) Fixed Assets Accounting: Track assets on an ongoing basis
3) Capital Asset Accounts: Track the cost basis of the asset
4) Inventory Accounts: Track inventory items on an ongoing basis
5) Sales Accounts: Track sales made during specific time periods and different product lines If you want to purchase accounting software, consider these tips:1) Look for a company that is well known for its sales or support.2) Look at the number of years a company has been in business.3) Compare their sales growth rate to the national average.4) Make sure they are able to customize your software with future needs5) Make sure their customer service is prompt and professional Are you looking for an accounting solution? Try our Accounting Software page. Please Kudos to: Chet Myers, CPA

My accounting software reviews are always a great way to find out what is out there. If you want to purchase accounting software, consider these tips; 1) Look for a company that is well known for its sales or support. 2) Look at the number of years a company has been in business. 3) Compare their sales growth rate to the national average. 4) Make sure they are able to customize your software with future needs 5) Make sure


To wrap up, the 5 features that accounting software needs to have are: Inexpensive, Easy to use, Quick setup time, Professional looking reports and Free trial. After all, these are the 5 most important features accounting software for small businesses needs to have.

The way I see it, Accounting Software for Business is the number 1 must have feature when launching a new small business. For more information on online bookkeeping software, email me at michael@hockeynetwork.com or call (410) 783-8173 .

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Accounting Software
Accounting Software

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